Ferme de Beaurieux

Address : Rue Saussale 2, 1490 Court-St.-Étienne - Belgium

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Concerning the Ferme de Beaurieux, we (CEDB Events) have a partnership with this beautiful place, situated in Court-Saint-Etienne, which is located in the Belgian province of Walloon Brabant.

Price : The price is fixed: 350 € ; VAT and travel costs are included.

DJ Mix : 6 hours (e.g. 9 PM till 3 AM)

DJ Gear : The DJ equipment is on site, we will use it for mixing and animation of your wedding.

Technical assistance : If you want us to arrive earlier, it is possible for an extra charge : 30 € /hour

Extra options : Add a unique touch to your wedding party and to your photos/videos by adding extra options such as a H2FOG Low fog machine.

Address : Rue Saussale 2, 1490 Court-St.-Étienne

Mister Mo is a crooner singer with more than 10 years of experience within various styles

(Soul, Jazz, Pop…)

He began singing during his student years (Master in Biology).

He discovered a true talent in reinterpreting standards in his own way.


After 10 years of professional experience within sales, he decided to devote himself entirely to music in 2011. A different and unique background !

He is inspiring himself by great Soul artists, such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Luther Vandross, or older ones like Nat king Cole, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra... Currently, he is concentrating on projects and concerts within animation of high-level events everywhere in Europe, and also outside Europe.


Supported by a pianist or a guitarist, Mister Mo knows how to deliver the charm and elegance which are so important for the success of your event.
« A singer with a groove voice that impresses everyone....
Inspirations from the masters Wonder and Jamiroquai, incredible...«

(Mélanie Delhaye, the chronicles of Classic 21, Belgium)